Multi-point locking systems

Security Windows


When installing new A Rated windows and doors, security is probably the single most important factor. McGorman Windows Spectus system accomodates multi-point locking systems that help safeguard your property and personal possessions from possible break-ins.

All our A Rated Windows and Doors are steel reinforced to the highest specifications and requirements. A multi-point locking mechanism with central deadlocks is used in all doors. Safety glass is used as standard in all Doors and large glazed areas, as well as in any windows that are closer than 800mm from the finish floor. All A Rated windows and doors are internally glazed to add extra security.

Tilt & Turn Windows
Tilt & Turn windows in the turn position provide a large unrestricted opening for use as an emergency exit in case of fire. The tilt inward position offers ventilation. The tilt occurs before the turn leaving it safe for children in their bedroom.