Composite Doors Gallery

Safety & Security

When installing new windows and doors, High security is probably the single most important factor. McGorman Windows Spectus system accomodates multi-point locking systems that help safeguard your property and personal possessions from possible break-ins.

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Energy Rated

Our range of A Rated PVC windows are designed to give the highest thermal performance at affordable prices. All our Double and Triple glazed windows meet with the criteria of the Building Energy Ratings (BER) U-Value System and the BFRC's Window Energy Ratings Scheme.

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Composite Doors

Your new front door has to protect your home against intruders, keep the heat in and the weather out. It also has to look beautiful.

Every Composite Door is moulded from a real oak pattern for a deep grained finish that will look wonderful for many years to come.

Composite Doors double rebate system adds additional draught protection by creating an internal secondary rebated seal.

For better insulation every Comsposite Door is equipped with toughened triple glazed units. Glazed units come with Low E glass and are gas filled to offer improved thermal performance.

The best designs always provide a practical but elegant solution to a serious problem. Using a unique combination of some of the strongest and most robust materials in the world including steel, GRP, toughened triple or double glazed units every Composite door has security at its very core.

As well as being the most secure, well insulated and weatherproof, Composite doors offers you the choice of numerous stunning designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home.

Residential & French Doors

Mc Gormans Windows & Doors offer our customers a wide range of uPVC door panels and bevelled glass designs.

The panels are supplied by Profile Developments Ltd and New World - both top quality suppliers.

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These doors have a woodgrain finish giving the product more character, they are also colour compatible with renolit foils, which means you can also have window and door frames in the same colour and finish.

Some of the many good reasons why our doors make an excellent choice :

  • Maintenance free - no more painting!
    Colours available include red, green, blue and black
  • Best selection of panel designs including oak, mahogany and white
  • Safety by means of reinforced panels
  • Large variety of colours and glass design including bevelled glass, georgian units, diamond lead, crystal cut and sand blasting.
  • All our panels have raised or inverted centre mouldings like a traditional door

If you have any other questions about our range of doors or would like us to provide you with a free quotation, please contact us today.