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Quality Over Price?

At McGorman Windows we pride ourselves on Quality. Cheap vs quality

I’m not daft, I fully understand that there will always be a portion of the market that will want the cheapest possible products. The type of windows and doors that only scrape by in window energy ratings and building regs. That unfortunately will always exist, despite my lack of fondness for it. But there is also the other side of the market that aims to fit the best it can.

When we say better quality, we mean quality across the board, not just on the product front. We need to focus on better quality installation. You can have the best product in the world, but if you have rubbish fitters, then the product is just as good as the worst product.

Quality customer service has to be a key component to any window and door business. Quality has to be a theme which runs through every part of a business. Hopefully if it does, it will drown out the gimmicky businesses that thrive on ridiculous discounts and products so cheap they won’t survive through their own guarantee period.

Long term benefits

One of the big advantages for a business that has a platform based on quality is that it brings long term benefits for the consumer. Not only does a better quality product cost you less in the short term it also saves you money in the long term in the remedial department.