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Modern windows. Unique in form, colour, and function.

Today’s builders and renovators value functional aesthetics. Accordingly, modern window forms are just as varied and diverse as a building’s architecture or the individual lifestyle. KÖMMERLING window systems give you the maximum freedom of choice. For instance, in the colour of your window profiles: Choose from classical white, colour laminates, and elegant aluminium covers. Or opt for the innovative surface technology proCoverTec. All surfaces are extremely weather resistant, ultra impact resistant and scratchproof, and easy to clean.


The timelessly elegant classic – smooth, glossy surfaces with durable visual appeal.



The colour programme offers 88 colour laminate variants. You have the choice – between trendy plain colours, natural, quality woodgrains, and elegant metallic colours. Following the latest trend, all many grey hues are available. And the classically embossed laminate structures are supplemented with smooth and brushed surfaces.


Aluminium covers

The outstanding properties of the aluminium material combine with the elegant design of virtually unlimited colour diversity. This wide range is made possible by finishing techniques like RAL powder coating or anodising.



The surface finishing technology proCoverTec (patent pending) for System 76 and System 88 offers the optimal protection against environmental effects on your profiles. This innovative technology presents a fascinating combination of satin look and pleasant, slightly textured feel. You can order this intelligent finishing in 22 attractive colours that preserve the functional aesthetics of your windows. Play with all of these options: colour on the outside and neutral white on the inside, or a modern full cover finishing.
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Yet only the right shape and function perfects the picture of your window. Today, there is the right window for every facade style and every indoor situation: from the linear classic to round arches and triangular forms to trapezoidal or circular. The most diverse frame and sash heights and depths, floating mullion and transom designs, all-glass or Georgian bars all perfect the characteristic look of modern and historical facades. Tailored to the style of your building, offset and semi offset systems provide high contrast light and shadow edges that constitute those charming accentuations. If the opening space is tight, your window maker knows many other solutions in addition to turning and tilting models.

He will be pleased to create your dream window with you.


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